Hitting the road? Leave your laptop at home

A new app called Otter aims to meld A.I. and machine transcription. It captures audio from your conversations or meetings and uploads it to the cloud where it transcribes it using natural language processing. First, you must train it to recognize your voice by reading some sample text it provides. But once you’ve done that,…

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There’s No Perfect Transcription App, But Otter Is Getting There

As a journalist, I’m always looking for a better way to record and go over my interviews without spending hours on transcription. Lately I’ve been leaning toward using Otter. The free app, which launched on iOS, Android, and the web in February, records audio and converts speech to text on the fly using voice recognition…

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Create Searchable Audio Transcriptions in Real Time With Otter

iOS/Android: There’s one part of being a reporter that I absolutely despise: transcribing. Whenever I interview folks, I always audio record the interview so I can go back and listen to it later. It’s a great idea in that I can talk to people like they’re actual humans without a laptop in my face, but…

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Automated transcription services could be integral to web conferencing

Automated transcription services are expected to become a must-have feature for web conferencing. Zoom made its version of that service available to its subscribers on Jan. 31. Zoom has become the first web conferencing vendor to offer automated transcription of online meetings — a feature expected to become ubiquitous in the next few years. Zoom…

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Zoom Continues Pursuit of Frictionless Meetings

Previewed at the Zoomtopia user conference last September, speech-to-text recording transcripts are now ready for their full enterprise debut as part of Zoom’s Meetings cloud-based video and Web conferencing service. With this feature, enterprises can toggle on transcription for meeting recordings to receive a text transcription that includes who is speaking, when, and timestamps. In…

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AISense powers transcription for Zoom

AISense + Zoom

Zoom has partnered with AISense to launch a new feature that allows their customers to get automatic transcriptions of their meetings. See how to enable transcription in your Zoom account. With Recording Transcripts, Zoom is taking smart meetings to the next level. This free, industry-first feature creates a searchable transcript of a Zoom cloud recording.…

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