AISense powers transcription for Zoom

AISense + Zoom

Zoom has partnered with AISense to launch a new feature that allows their customers to get automatic transcriptions of their meetings. See how to enable transcription in your Zoom account.

With Recording Transcripts, Zoom is taking smart meetings to the next level. This free, industry-first feature creates a searchable transcript of a Zoom cloud recording. Recording Transcripts convert all the speech from a recording into text and even identify each speaker. It allows users to search the resulting transcript for keywords, then jump to that keyword in the cloud video recording playback. Recording Transcripts save money and time by eliminating the need for participants to take notes during a meeting and by capturing information needed for training, content creation, legal depositions, sales calls, shareholder meetings, and more.

AISense will be launching its own product in Q1 2018 – an app that lets you record, transcribe and share your conversations.  Contact us if you would like to become a beta user.